Application of Negative Ions in Furnishing Impregnated Paper

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Update time : 2023-01-29 10:38:31
    Negative ionscan improve air quality and benefi
t human health, such as air purification, removal of formaldehyde,excellent sterilization function, second-hand smoke, and great benefits to human health and disease prevention.

    So, can the negative ion generator be added to the artificial veneer to make the board and furniture rich in negative ions and then released, so as to increase the content of negative ions in the indoor air? The answer is yes. ✔ 
  ① Negative ion modified melamine impregnated paper

    Combining negative ion powder with melamine-impregnated film paper to prepare a paper with the ability to induce negative ions. Then paste it on the surface of multi-layer plywood to produce impregnated film paper veneer blockboard or plywood with the ability to induce negative ions.
    ②Anion-modified adhesive
    The negative ion powder is added to the adhesive to prepare the base material, and to modify the adhesive. After testing, the number of negative ions induced is kept in a stable range. It can be inferred that the negative ion powder is relatively uniformly distributed in the adhesive. After coating, negative ion powder is also evenly distributed in the glue layer.

    With the gradual strengthening of people's health awareness, everyone's requirements for home materials will become higher and higher. ♻The current appeal is to use formaldehyde-free panels, but the development of opposing ion wood-based panels will become another shining light in producing wood-based panels. In the future, the demand for wood-based panels will not only not produce toxic gases but also to purify the air, which is beneficial to health.

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