Is the relationship between indoor and outdoor decorative materials opposite?

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Author : Tim Z
Update time : 2022-12-06 10:48:06

    First of all, a large part of interior decoration materials mainly play a decorative role in accordance with their position and use. For example, interior wall coverings, whether wallpaper or paint, are primarily a visual function of interior walls. On the other hand, the outdoor finishing materials are started in order to resist the relationship between outdoor and nature ,which can avoid external damage to protect the building itself. This is the difference in the background and conditions of indoor and outdoor finishing materials.

    Secondly, the characteristics of indoor and outdoor decorative materials also include volume changes. The indoor space must be smaller than the outdoor space, so the feeling of the spatial scale is also different. It is bound to produce a difference in volume between indoor and outdoor materials.
    Finally, the changes in the characteristics of decorative materials are mainly accompanied by the development of technology. We can change the scope of application of materials through visually imperceptible methods, which greatly enriches and strengthens the diversity and non-uniqueness of materials.
    With the development of technology, outdoor materials are gradually extended to indoor in some places due to the difference in function and material characteristics between indoor and outdoor materials. Complying with such changes can improve the transformation effect of decorative materials indoors and outdoors, and can enrich and change the perception effect of our buildings.✨
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